8 days of riding through heartland NZ

1st - 8th April 2017

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Team racebook

Mixed teamMixed team

Team Akina (7 on the road)

Team #116

South Island race course selected
Masters 1 (all 50 and over), South Island5 bikes "We're cycling for kids!"

Our team

We're competing in the Tour to raise money for Bikes in Schools. This excellent programme gives schools the expertise to teach children to ride bikes.

So far some 20,000 children in some 65 schools have benefitted, with a similar number soon to benefit from new facilities in the pipeline.

With help from Bikes in Schools, the schools build cycling tracks in their school grounds, acquire bikes, helmets and cycle-teaching skills, and fund raise to make it all happen.

These days, a surprising number of kids have never learnt to ride a bike...so this programme gets them going!

As each new school track opens, it’s always a huge thrill to see kids learn to ride, and gain fitness, confidence and a sense of adventure.

"My legs are my petrol,” said one very young Hastings rider last year.

“We haven’t yet found a child who didn’t want to ride,” says Paul McArdle who established and runs the programme.

Teachers also say riding kids are happier, healthier and better students.

At the Akina Foundation, we’ve proved the wider health, family and community benefits in a Social Return on Investment analysis.

Read more about Bikes in Schools at: bikeon.org.nz

Thank you for helping us help Paul and his colleagues do much more!

We'll have seven riders racing in two teams:

Team Akina: Nick Clements, Graeme Don, Myles Gibson, and Roger Tweedy

Team Akina Too: Katie Gormley, Amanda Banks and Rod Oram

Chosen charity

Akina Bikes in Schools

Akina Foundation. Kids love bikes, and so do we! Support Akina and all funds raised will be donated to Bikes in Schools - providing Kiwi kids with bikes and safe cycling environments in their schools.

Sponsor this team

Your sponsorship of 'Team Akina (7 on the road)' will support Akina Foundation (Bikes in Schools). All donations of $5 or more are tax deductible. All sponsors will be able to leave a message of support.

Please Note: After completing your donation on paypal you may need to click a button (view screenshot) to return to the Tour site and leave a message of support.

Our sponsors

Date Amount Message/Sponsor
30/03/17 hidden Jenine Abarbanel
30/03/17 hidden Stephen Drew
30/03/17 hidden Elizabeth Caughey
30/03/17 hidden Good Luck Rod and team
- Michael Sheffield
29/03/17 hidden Anake Goodall
28/03/17 hidden Louise Aitken
24/03/17 hidden Andrew Don
23/03/17 hidden Richard Harris
23/03/17 hidden Ray Welson
22/03/17 hidden Jenny Dewar
22/03/17 hidden Enjoy the ride - great cause.
- Margaret Don
22/03/17 $25.00 All the best Graeme - hope you have a good ride
- Peter Trubuhovich
21/03/17 $50.00 All the best on your ride Graeme!
- Gary Roper
21/03/17 hidden Go Team Akina - enjoy your trip and the company
- Bev
19/03/17 hidden R S A Oram

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