8 days of riding through heartland NZ

1st - 8th April 2017

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Team racebook

Female team

Helen Bradford - individual

Entry #128

South Island race course selected
Open, South Island "Tour of NZ here I come!"

About me

Full details of the Wellington Town Belter can be found on the Facebook event page here:


Or contact me for further information:

The entry fee for the Wellington Town Belter is $25 . ALL of this fee goes directly to St John.


You may enter on the day in cash only

Chosen charity

St John

St John is a charity, and we need your support to help us care for people every day. Has a member of your family ever needed care from a St John paramedic? Maybe you have used your St John first aid kit to treat an injured friend? Right across New Zealand, St John is there for people when they are in need. We provide Ambulance Services to most New Zealanders - including your community. The donations we receive will be used to help New Zealanders - maybe even you or someone you know.

Sponsor this rider

Your sponsorship of Helen Bradford will support St John. All donations of $5 or more are tax deductible. All sponsors will be able to leave a message of support.

Please Note: After completing your donation on paypal you may need to click a button (view screenshot) to return to the Tour site and leave a message of support.

My sponsors

Date Amount Message/Sponsor
21/03/17 hidden Helen Bradford
16/03/17 $25.00 Happy cycling!
- Heather Sunclair
16/03/17 hidden Lisa Thomson
15/03/17 hidden Sue Cuthbertson
13/03/17 hidden Helen this is for two friends who couldn't seem to be ble to enter. Both are walkers.
Brenda McCabe and Catherine Vernon.
- Mandy Gibson
10/03/17 hidden Alan Crowe
09/03/17 hidden Sean Martin
09/03/17 hidden Denise Pilcher
08/03/17 hidden Jo Ferguson x2
08/03/17 hidden Michelle Veisaku
06/03/17 hidden Amanda Hancock
02/03/17 hidden Chris Knight
02/03/17 $25.00 Tom Donoghue
28/02/17 hidden Carys Coleman
26/02/17 hidden Holly Prentice
26/02/17 $25.00 Woo hoo! Looking forward to the WTB :) Great work with the fundraising too!
- Claire Samuel
22/02/17 $25.00 Looking forward to the event!
- Gwen Hoople
21/02/17 hidden Bex Howells
21/02/17 $25.00 Amy Loiacono
21/02/17 hidden Dennis Barnes
21/02/17 hidden Matthew Berg
21/02/17 hidden Lucy Haberfield
20/02/17 $25.00 Awesome work putting together the Town Belter, and good luck in the cycling!
- Stewart Milne
20/02/17 $25.00 Matthew Nolan
19/02/17 $30.00 Its for a good cause!
- Clare Nixon
14/02/17 $25.00 Christine Jones $25
- Christine Jones
14/02/17 hidden Great idea, looking forward to it!
- Rebecca Speirs
13/02/17 $25.00 :)
- John Hancock
12/02/17 hidden Go Helen!
- Loretta Desourdy
06/02/17 hidden Paul Rodway
06/02/17 hidden Paul Rodway
05/02/17 hidden Sarah Barclay
04/02/17 $35.00 Helen, you are an amazing athlete ! Wishing you all the best for this challenge and to Trish who will be keeping the home fire burning.
- Pip Leech
01/02/17 hidden Jacqueline O'Hagan
01/02/17 hidden Wellington Town Belter
- Rowena Brandeis
13/01/17 hidden Sue Everton
10/01/17 hidden Robyn Taylor
09/01/17 hidden Lynzi Armstrong
08/01/17 $40.00 Hi Helen have made a donation for the town belter.
- Mandy
03/01/17 hidden Angela Clothier
09/12/16 $10.00 Testing
- Coral Macdonald
08/12/16 hidden Liz Paton
07/12/16 hidden Gill Gray
16/11/16 hidden Helen bradford

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