8 days of riding through heartland NZ

1st - 8th April 2017

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Team racebook

Male team

Wait for us

Team #133

North Island race course selected
Open, North Island3 bikes "The boys from the Bush going hard but someone please WAITFORUS!"

Our team

3 wairarapa boys planning to start training soon...

We should have gravity on our side going down the hill, just need to get up them. Bring on the tail winds!

Raising money for the Heart Foundation to help stop NZ's number 1 killer

Chosen charity

Heart Foundation

Heart Foundation. Heart Disease is New Zealand's biggest killer. Every 90 minutes someone dies. Every month more than 2000 people are diagnosed. You will know someone affected. As the leading heart health charity, we desperately need your support. If you donate today, we can continue our life-saving work funding vital research, promoting heart healthy lifestyles and advancing cardiac care. Please Donate Now.

Sponsor this team

Your sponsorship of 'Wait for us' will support Heart Foundation. All donations of $5 or more are tax deductible. All sponsors will be able to leave a message of support.

Please Note: After completing your donation on paypal you may need to click a button (view screenshot) to return to the Tour site and leave a message of support.

Our sponsors

Date Amount Message/Sponsor
05/05/17 $100.00 Better late than never
- james law
19/04/17 $50.00 Good Luck Wait for Us from John Tulloch
- Mark Davies
07/04/17 hidden Will done, Testing weather to add to the fun.
- Hoofy
07/04/17 hidden Mesdom Jones
01/04/17 $10.00 The Heart Foundation Masterton and Kit Cohr are great. Thank you for all you do for our community.
- Karen B
01/04/17 $100.00 Go well boy! Cheers
- Mick and Pippa Goodwin
29/03/17 $23.80 Hugh Lundie
29/03/17 $50.00 Great cause team
- Rees Logan
28/03/17 $100.00 GO!! THE BUSHIES ON YOUR PUSHIES!!!!!
- Rob Thomson
27/03/17 hidden Juliette Allen
26/03/17 $100.00 Cycle hard lads. And remember you cant do it all on beer!!
- Kelvin Martin
25/03/17 hidden Head down Bum up. Go well.
- Bryan Weatherstone
23/03/17 hidden Good cause fellas - what about the South Island leg!!!
- Geordie Mccallum
23/03/17 $100.00 Amazing the lengths some people will go to just to wear lycra.
- Guy Farman
22/03/17 $100.00 Training done "ish" ready to roll.
- Andrew Day
22/03/17 hidden Ian Dee
22/03/17 hidden Paul Reed
21/03/17 $50.00 Go big fella!
- Andrew Farndale
21/03/17 hidden Good luck guys
- Sue Long
21/03/17 hidden Nathan Williams
21/03/17 $20.00 Good luck lads. Don't go so fast that you miss the scenery
- Clive Baxter
21/03/17 hidden Julie North
20/03/17 hidden Jeremy Campbell
20/03/17 hidden Regan Sherriff
20/03/17 $25.00 Good luck Mikie and co. I know you will do it no swear. Watch out for all the crazy drivers on the road 😊
- Ruth Kilmister
20/03/17 hidden Jane Lohrey
20/03/17 hidden Lea Griffith
20/03/17 $100.00 From David Woodcock (via Mark). Thanks very much Dave, really appreciate it.
- David Woodcock
15/03/17 $100.00 Safe travel, have fun!!!!!
- Patricia Cohr
11/03/17 $50.00 Go "wait for us"!

On the morning of about day 3 when you saddle up I bet your all thinking "I wish had a bit more padding on my seat..."

- Duncan & Katy Oakley

06/03/17 $50.00 Be careful boys, I know Cohr has some secret form coming into this ride.But most of all have fun.
- Aaron
03/03/17 $40.00 From Allan Taute at Tulloch Farm Machines. Thanks very much Allan.
- Allan Taute
23/02/17 hidden Have fun Gents, tailwind and blue skies!!
- Mads Slivsgaard
22/02/17 hidden Andrew Gleeson
21/02/17 hidden Mark Davies
07/02/17 hidden go guys it is now time to start training...........lets have fun
- mike cohr

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