8 days of riding through heartland NZ

1st - 8th April 2017

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Team racebook

Male team


Team #177

South Island race course selected
Masters 1 (all 50 and over), South Island5 bikes "Nga Koro cycling for Unicorn Foundation"

Our team

We are Team Unikoro - Dean, Maelen, Malcolm, Pete and Gaz. We all ride together with 30-odd others as Nga Koro based in Mount Eden, Auckland. We decided to ride the tour of NZ in support of our good friend Malcolm Leggatt. Malcolm was diagnosed with a neuroendocrine (NET) cancer a few years ago. He has had treatment and is doing okay. He has thrown himself behind the Unicorn Foundation, which is the charity that support patients with NET cancers, and is now the Chairman of their Board. He is a great inspiration and we want to help him out so we are throwing ourselves behind him. Nga Koro riding for Unicorn = "UniKoro", get it?
We would really appreciate your support by donating to the Unicorn Foundation using the link on this page. Ride on!

Chosen charity

Unicorn Foundation NZ

Unicorn Foundation NZ. A not-for-profit organisation that provides much needed support and information to neuroendocrine (NET) cancer patients and their families. Unicorn Foundation NZ is passionate about making a difference and the funds raised will contribute to bringing New Zealand up to date with the latest global treatments and continuing research. This will make a huge difference for NET cancer patients all over NZ.

Sponsor this team

Your sponsorship of 'Unikoro's' will support Unicorn Foundation NZ (NET Cancer). All donations of $5 or more are tax deductible. All sponsors will be able to leave a message of support.

Please Note: After completing your donation on paypal you may need to click a button (view screenshot) to return to the Tour site and leave a message of support.

Our sponsors

Date Amount Message/Sponsor
19/05/17 hidden Enjoyed the reports and admired your steely determination. Better late than never with the donation I figured...
- Eddie Rosser
30/04/17 $50.00 Great work, again, Gary
- Tony Hay
19/04/17 hidden Deborah Ward
18/04/17 $100.00 Fantastic cause, great result and marathon effort Malcolm!! Love Caro, Cam, Leo and Alex xoxo
- Caro Botting
17/04/17 hidden Rob Josephson
09/04/17 hidden Oliver Yule
07/04/17 $75.00 Hi Peter,
Hope your ride is going well. I am just back from overseas and only caught up today, with your request. All done, trust all is going well
- Cliff Kingston
06/04/17 $100.00 Fantastic effort A E Newman and friends! Guessing by now you're all looking forward to the end. Dig deep and hope you all cross the line with big smiles!
- Brendan Hickman
05/04/17 hidden Lewis Randal
04/04/17 hidden Alexander Hunt
02/04/17 hidden Matt Kersey
02/04/17 hidden Mary Pope
02/04/17 hidden Ali Allard
02/04/17 $100.00 All the best Dean from the Walton Family
- Tina Meredith
02/04/17 hidden Mal--best ---a bientot!
- Terry & Michelle
31/03/17 hidden Rebecca, Alastair Watson, MacDuff
31/03/17 hidden alistair mackay
30/03/17 hidden Go well - Mary Brook
- Malcolm Hope
30/03/17 $200.00 Maelen. Thanks for looking after the family for all these years. Have a safe ride.
- The Cunis Clan
29/03/17 $100.00 Eke rite te hau nga koro - ride like the wind
- Jim and Barb P
29/03/17 $30.00 Good luck guys.. cycle hard and have a good time...
- Radar O'Reilly
29/03/17 hidden Lovely journey
- richard Giles
28/03/17 hidden Raymund OConnor
28/03/17 $100.00 Great cause. Go hard as you like as long as its pulling me through.
- David van Schaardenburg
27/03/17 hidden Daymon Shack
27/03/17 hidden Craig Langstone
27/03/17 hidden Stephen Harris
27/03/17 hidden Go hard young fellas
- Murray & Lynda
26/03/17 hidden Good luck and have fun! Support!
- Gladys and Benjamin Liu
26/03/17 hidden jonathan cole
26/03/17 hidden Peter Hope
24/03/17 hidden Sally McLean
24/03/17 hidden Randall Sturm
23/03/17 hidden chris smaill
23/03/17 hidden Anne Hinton
22/03/17 hidden Ravinder Ogra
21/03/17 hidden Howard Chaffey
20/03/17 hidden What a fun tour with your mates. Go well and have a blast.
- Deano Larsen
20/03/17 hidden Matthew Binns
20/03/17 hidden Clare Poole
20/03/17 hidden Marion Barrett
17/03/17 hidden Joanne Campbell
17/03/17 $100.00 Go team Unikoro!!
- Linda Smeele
16/03/17 hidden Have a great ride guys
- Libby and Tony Svensen
15/03/17 $20.00 Great work. Go well for last stages. Best wishes Joi
- Margaret Ellis
15/03/17 $50.00 Break a leg!
- Matt Tagg
14/03/17 $100.00 All the very best Pete. Go well.
- Paul + Christine Greaney
14/03/17 $200.00 Enjoy the ride and look forward to hearing your stories on your safe return
- Tony Nicklin
14/03/17 hidden ROBIN
14/03/17 hidden Gavin TRETHEWEY
14/03/17 $500.00 Bupa New Zealand
14/03/17 hidden Lesley Anne Moore
13/03/17 hidden Good luck Peter and team, travel well.
- Celeste Hastings
13/03/17 hidden Tim Heath
13/03/17 hidden Hudson bain
13/03/17 hidden Peter Didsbury
13/03/17 hidden Oonagh Turner
13/03/17 hidden Sonya Hunt
13/03/17 hidden John Auld
13/03/17 hidden Graeme Hart
12/03/17 hidden Great Cause. Go the Koros!!
- Nick Chamberlain
12/03/17 hidden Christine Gordon
12/03/17 hidden Tony Smith
12/03/17 hidden Wonderful cause Malcolm I know you will enjoy the challenge
- Pam and Freddie Graham
11/03/17 hidden Go well

- David and Lien Morris
11/03/17 hidden Judith McKenzie
11/03/17 hidden Elaine McCaw
10/03/17 hidden K Phipps
10/03/17 hidden Lawrence Smith
09/03/17 hidden John Saunders
09/03/17 hidden Maelen Tagelagi
09/03/17 hidden Mark Johnson
09/03/17 hidden LYNETTE PSPP
09/03/17 $100.00 Go Malcolm, have a great ride
- Chris Labb
09/03/17 hidden Margot Leigh
09/03/17 hidden Peter Robinson
09/03/17 hidden Raymond Chan
09/03/17 hidden Jan Burd
09/03/17 hidden Good luck Peter and to the Team ! From the Taranaki Hickman's.
- Maria Poole
09/03/17 hidden Phil Bannister
08/03/17 hidden Simon Molloy
08/03/17 hidden Margot Bowes
08/03/17 hidden Joanne Polson
08/03/17 hidden Malcolm Hope
08/03/17 hidden Daymon Shack
08/03/17 hidden Jane Day
08/03/17 hidden Rita MacGill
08/03/17 hidden Andrea McKsy
07/03/17 hidden Claire Houliston
07/03/17 $50.00 Have fun guys, great cause.
- Cecilia Fitz-Gerald
07/03/17 $500.00 A very worthy cause - all the best from us all at Health New Lynn!
- Health New Lynn
06/03/17 hidden mark binns
06/03/17 hidden martin kreft
06/03/17 hidden thomas cullen
05/03/17 hidden Darrell Wong
05/03/17 hidden Sounds like a great adventure for a good cause ... all the best!
- John and Karen Bolland
05/03/17 hidden Damian M
05/03/17 hidden Hi Peter
Knowing how much you ride this will be a breeze (or maybe even a zephyr!)
- Peter & Chanel
05/03/17 hidden Murray Salisbury
05/03/17 hidden Christine Sewell
04/03/17 hidden Nicolas Short
04/03/17 $200.00 Go Gary! And the rest of you, for that matter.
- Rob & Jane
03/03/17 hidden Good on ya Pete. Good cause and good man
- J K Skeates
03/03/17 hidden David Hickman
03/03/17 hidden Liz Baird
03/03/17 hidden Terry Beckett
03/03/17 hidden Jan Hope
03/03/17 hidden Greg Fulton
03/03/17 $200.00
Excellent cause and have a great ride Malc.
- peter and susan Thodey
03/03/17 $100.00 go malc!
- Kim
03/03/17 hidden Jill Thorrat
03/03/17 $200.00 Have a good safe ride, and remember to enjoy the views!

- Des and Aly
03/03/17 hidden richard ruddell
02/03/17 hidden Paula Renouf
02/03/17 hidden Delighted to suppport you Malcolm! Will be thinking of you grinding up the Crown Range.
- Jan and Roger Payne
02/03/17 $50.00 Great cause, Bkool
- Russell Smart
02/03/17 $100.00 Good luck Peter.
- Lawrie Mead
01/03/17 $100.00 We're pleased it is a push bike not a motorbike! Have a fun ride....a great cause
- Bruce&Jo
01/03/17 hidden Irene Ogilvie
01/03/17 hidden EnviroNZ EnviroNZ
01/03/17 $75.00 Gosh Malcolm that's amazing. 700km. I will feel your pain, and visualise your smile. Go well.
- Stephen & Gail Hofmann
01/03/17 hidden stephen hofmann
28/02/17 hidden Tony Beaven
28/02/17 hidden Allan Moffitt
28/02/17 hidden Stephen Wong
28/02/17 $100.00 Hi Peter, we are delighted to support you and your mates on this amazing adventure for such a worthy cause.
All the very best for the Tour, will look forward to reading the blogs.

Cheers L&D
- Linda & Derrick Adams

28/02/17 $100.00 Good Luck.
- Geoff Shearman
28/02/17 $100.00 Great cause and good luck. Ride safe
- Stu and Alex
28/02/17 hidden Stephen Hunt
27/02/17 hidden Mark Smith
27/02/17 hidden Peter .
You're lucky I don't offend easily - a friend but not an effluent one.

- John Henderson
27/02/17 $50.00 Hi, Dean.

Awesome cause! I'm sure it'll be an incredible experience and you'll have heapsa fun. Safe riding. :)
- Akhil Gangoli

27/02/17 $50.00 Hey Deano, Taggs et al good on you! Wishing you safe riding, no punctures, lots of laughter, a tail wind as often as required and of course a sore bum!
- Dave Youngson
27/02/17 hidden Helen Kidd
27/02/17 $50.00 Hey Dino.
Sounds like a great cause and huge ride.
Have fun out there.
Love sis xx
- Sis
27/02/17 hidden Antoinette Hastings
27/02/17 $50.00 Hi Dean, good luck with this, must be an amazing experience.
- Jeremy West
27/02/17 $50.00 Deano- remember that's its a charity cycle ride- not a push bike pub crawl. Be careful out there
- Bob and Ali Spencer
27/02/17 hidden Timothy Kenealy
27/02/17 hidden If Jude runs you over, I'm not paying again to cover the hospital bill! :-)
- Gavin Jones
26/02/17 hidden Good on you Dean.
- Doc Sam
26/02/17 hidden Lilias Bell
26/02/17 $50.00 Go well guys, awesome cause!
- David Wilks
26/02/17 hidden The Wakefields
26/02/17 hidden Go Gary, Jude and the Unikoros,
- Brett and Fiona
26/02/17 $300.00 Riding keeps you looking young!
- Richard Robson
26/02/17 $100.00 Legends!
- Olive Hope
23/02/17 hidden Go well, be safe and enjoy the ride for a great cause.
- Paul Gilberd
23/02/17 hidden Frank Rientjes
23/02/17 $100.00 Well done Gaz and Jude - trust it is a wonderful experience for a very worthy cause.
- Richard and Margot Earwaker
22/02/17 $70.00 Hello I am happy to support, from NIMES in FRANCE, my friends Gary MacLachlan and his wife Jude
Hope it will be a great success
22/02/17 hidden Joanna Perry
22/02/17 hidden Jude - you are an absolute gem! Go well Gaz!
- Michael and Diane
22/02/17 hidden Matase
22/02/17 $50.00 Kev
22/02/17 hidden PAK'n SAVE Gisborne
22/02/17 hidden Enjoy the ride boys and Jude you're a gem as always :)
- Catherine Scoular
21/02/17 hidden chrissi bollard
21/02/17 hidden Margot Leigh
21/02/17 hidden Elaine Jones
20/02/17 hidden Peter Robertson
20/02/17 hidden Robyn Reynolds
20/02/17 $100.00 Great choice of charity. Travel well
- Hilary Liddell
20/02/17 hidden Greg Mullins
20/02/17 hidden John Denton
20/02/17 $100.00 tom jeffries
20/02/17 hidden Sarah Cole
20/02/17 hidden John Carroll
19/02/17 hidden Go the er bumblebees?
- Iain MacLean
19/02/17 $100.00 Michael Oberdries
19/02/17 $100.00 Chris Bauld
19/02/17 hidden Adriane Swinburn
19/02/17 hidden Edward Parker
19/02/17 hidden If Jude keeps the boys 'in line' does that mean drafting is allowed?
- D L Johnson
19/02/17 $100.00 Great Team, guys. I expect to see your names in lights!
- Steve Leece
19/02/17 hidden Andrew Edwards
18/02/17 $5.00 Go Gaz!
- Sebastian MacLachlan

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