8 days of riding through heartland NZ

1st - 8th April 2017

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Team racebook

Male team

NZ Funders

Team #202

South Island race course selected
Corporate team, South Island4 bikes "The queen street mob"

Our team

4 hardworking corporate guys- 2 very fit, 1 recovering from a broken hip, 1 recovering from a too enjoyable holiday.

Trying to race as a team nevertheless and most importantly raising funds for the Heart Foundation.

Chosen charity

Heart Foundation

Heart Foundation. Heart Disease is New Zealand's biggest killer. Every 90 minutes someone dies. Every month more than 2000 people are diagnosed. You will know someone affected. As the leading heart health charity, we desperately need your support. If you donate today, we can continue our life-saving work funding vital research, promoting heart healthy lifestyles and advancing cardiac care. Please Donate Now.

Sponsor this team

Your sponsorship of 'NZ Funders' will support Heart Foundation. All donations of $5 or more are tax deductible. All sponsors will be able to leave a message of support.

Please Note: After completing your donation on paypal you may need to click a button (view screenshot) to return to the Tour site and leave a message of support.

Our sponsors

Date Amount Message/Sponsor
20/04/17 hidden Greg Sise
18/04/17 hidden Russell Davey
11/04/17 $30.00 linda GEROS
11/04/17 hidden andrew GEROS
10/04/17 hidden Andrew Brown
10/04/17 hidden Well done guys!
- Dale Henderson
10/04/17 hidden Philip Littlewood
09/04/17 hidden Jeannie Brown
08/04/17 hidden Mark McLaren
07/04/17 $50.00 Great effort gents!
- philip england
06/04/17 hidden Jon Schicker
06/04/17 hidden Tony Caldwell
06/04/17 hidden Don't stop now Peter - KEEP GOING !! Awesome effort.
- Chris & Kath Seagar
05/04/17 hidden Jonathan Cullinane
05/04/17 $100.00 William Sellar
04/04/17 hidden Go well team!
- Stephanie Pettigrew
04/04/17 hidden Rod Keillor
04/04/17 hidden May the wind be at your backs, the roads dry and the beer cold
- Hamish McPhail
03/04/17 $50.00 Enjoy your ride

Andrew and Karen
- Andrew McLeod

03/04/17 hidden Amy Jarvie
03/04/17 hidden Go well team!
- Sue Stewart
03/04/17 hidden Craig King
02/04/17 $30.00 Samantha And Alex
02/04/17 hidden Michael Oberdries
02/04/17 hidden Kate Walker
01/04/17 hidden Ryan Ashworth
31/03/17 hidden Marijke and Rubee VS and PJ
31/03/17 hidden liz williamson
31/03/17 hidden Phil Sinclair
31/03/17 hidden Mike Gray
31/03/17 hidden Hey Pete, don't forget to enjoy the scenery. All the best
- Greg Wansink
30/03/17 hidden Vanessa Gomez
30/03/17 hidden Good luck!!!
- Simon O'Connell
29/03/17 hidden kristy Staples
29/03/17 hidden Good luck Mark!
- peter sigley
29/03/17 hidden Good luck David, Glenn, Mark and Peter.

Cycle safely and enjoy the experience.
- Joy Muldrew

28/03/17 hidden Wilhelmina Eveleens
27/03/17 hidden Well done Pete
- Tony & Wina Robertson
27/03/17 hidden Wishing you the best on the ride and supporting a worthy cause, good luck!
27/03/17 hidden Go well Diesel, sure you'll lead out rh Unikoros for the first few (kilo)centi (metres)??!!??
- Murray & Lynda
26/03/17 hidden Helen Van schaardenburg
24/03/17 hidden Matt Ashworth
24/03/17 hidden Sally McMillan
23/03/17 hidden Great charity go for it and dont fall off Perry and Gill Adank
- Florian Adank
23/03/17 hidden Clinton Miller
23/03/17 hidden Tony Haslam
23/03/17 hidden chris smaill
23/03/17 hidden Ross Alexander
22/03/17 hidden Andrew MacKenzie
22/03/17 hidden Adair Craik
22/03/17 hidden Tony Rae
22/03/17 hidden Fraser McKenzie
21/03/17 hidden Lachlan Cameron
20/03/17 hidden Jason Dickinson
09/03/17 hidden Joanna Perry
08/03/17 $100.00 Good on you Diesel.
- Lanterne Rouge
08/03/17 hidden Maria and Stuart Gregory
07/03/17 $100.00 Chris Bauld
07/03/17 hidden Andrew Mackintosh
07/03/17 hidden Kevin Hayes
07/03/17 $100.00 a good cause close to my Heart Diesel
- dino mackay
07/03/17 $100.00 Doing it twice = Big Heart. See you on the track, Diesel - go well.
- Malcolm Hope
28/02/17 hidden Vladimir Sutinovski
24/02/17 hidden Jonathan Butler
21/02/17 hidden Greg Long
15/02/17 hidden Glenn Wright
15/02/17 hidden Mark Brooks
15/02/17 hidden Peter Ashworth
14/02/17 hidden Paul French
14/02/17 hidden David van Schaardenburg
13/02/17 hidden Great challenge.
Great cause.
Go for it!
- Carolyn Patterson
13/02/17 hidden Jackie Mitchell
13/02/17 hidden Stephen McFarlane
13/02/17 hidden Elaine Grant
13/02/17 hidden Sid Singh
13/02/17 hidden Chris Wasley
13/02/17 hidden Toni Smith
13/02/17 hidden Sue MacDougall
13/02/17 hidden Richard James
13/02/17 hidden Nicki Morsink

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