8 days of riding through heartland NZ

1st - 8th April 2017

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Team racebook

Male team

Bike Bandits

Team #207

South Island race course selected
Corporate team, South Island5 bikes "Froth on cycling"

Our team

Four Aucklanders and one Australian (not sure which will be viewed the worst) will head out in support of Bikes in Schools through the Akina Foundation.

Chosen charity

Akina Bikes in Schools

Akina Foundation. Kids love bikes, and so do we! Support Akina and all funds raised will be donated to Bikes in Schools - providing Kiwi kids with bikes and safe cycling environments in their schools.

Sponsor this team

Your sponsorship of 'Bike Bandits' will support Akina Foundation (Bikes in Schools). All donations of $5 or more are tax deductible. All sponsors will be able to leave a message of support.

Please Note: After completing your donation on paypal you may need to click a button (view screenshot) to return to the Tour site and leave a message of support.

Our sponsors

Date Amount Message/Sponsor
21/04/17 hidden Good work Chris
- Laurence Fitzpatrick
10/04/17 hidden Well done!
- Bob
09/04/17 hidden Brent Matuschka
08/04/17 hidden Blair James
07/04/17 $142.66 On ya lads
- Jonny Noakes
07/04/17 hidden David Annan
05/04/17 hidden Becky Andrell
04/04/17 hidden Well done, guys! Keep warm and keep going!
- Nova Gibson
04/04/17 $25.00 Koha as promised Roman,... would have doubled it if you guys had gone in birthday suits and all... (didnt need to see the exiting video, only proof of entry! LOL )
- Robyn Marchant ( Robbie )
04/04/17 $200.00 Go Bandits go. Initially thought Day 1 would not be repeated but how wrong was I. Keep it up dudes

- AIM Valuation
04/04/17 hidden Leanne Little
04/04/17 hidden Mitch Sanson
03/04/17 hidden Natasha Leighton
03/04/17 hidden Great to hear you doing so well david. good luck to the team
- Grandma Bruce
03/04/17 $50.00 Amazing stuff!! I'm disappointed togs were worn. Very disappointed.
- T-Bear (Tania Hammond)
03/04/17 $50.00 Great work Bandits.
- Chris Browne
02/04/17 hidden Duncan Olde
02/04/17 $50.00 On ya lads! Do the Bandits proud!
A bottle of ginger wine in Wellington please BJ.
- Gordo
02/04/17 $30.00 Good luck lads - nominate Chris for a dunking!
- Jo & Chris
02/04/17 hidden Tina McCullough
02/04/17 $50.00 Blair for my $50 you need to ease your way into the cold lake please and definitely put your head under
- Tim Sundberg
02/04/17 $50.00 Roman "ease for effs sake" Van Uden in the Lake!!!
- Raising Awareness
02/04/17 $50.00 Good luck, team - ride like the wind! Dave, do it for the Alexandbras!
- Ash & Emma
31/03/17 hidden Scott Priestley
31/03/17 hidden David Hii
31/03/17 $20.00 Good luck team
- James Grigor
31/03/17 $10.00 Go Chris! Every ounce of effort will be worth the joy you'll bring to those kids.
- Mary Sokolic
27/03/17 hidden Enjoy the ride!
- Pauline Butt
22/03/17 hidden Anna Stokes
15/03/17 $20.00 Woohoo on ya Blair!
- Dets
08/03/17 hidden Dave George

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