8 days of riding through heartland NZ

1st - 8th April 2017

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Team racebook

Mixed teamMixed team


Team #213

South Island race course selected
Corporate team, South Island4 bikes "KPMG "

Our team

KPMG has entered two teams to ride the South Island tour this year.

The Child Cancer Foundation’s purpose is personally significant to one of our riders, Gwenan Riley (Wellington Tax) whose son Harry (pictured) is currently undergoing treatment for leukaemia. After 3 years of chemotherapy, Harry is almost at the end of his treatment and in remission. During this time the Child Cancer Foundation has provided support to Gwen’s family, and families like hers. A major part of the support provided by the foundation includes the family support coordinators, who provide information on the cancer journey, what to expect and how to deal with the unexpected. When times are tough a much needed shoulder to cry on and during the good days, some fun and laughter!
Your generous donation will help reduce the impact of cancer by offering services to ensure children and their families, like Gwen's are supported, informed and well cared for on their journey with cancer.

Chosen charity

Child Cancer Foundation

Every week more than three New Zealand families are told the devastating news that their child has cancer. The Child Cancer Foundation provides practical, financial and emotional support to each child and their family, from that terrible time of diagnosis, throughout treatment and beyond. The support we provide is tailored to help combat the family's day-to-day challenges, allowing them to stay strong and together, and focus on the only thing that matters - their very sick child.

Sponsor this team

Your sponsorship of 'KPMG' will support Child Cancer Foundation. All donations of $5 or more are tax deductible. All sponsors will be able to leave a message of support.

Please Note: After completing your donation on paypal you may need to click a button (view screenshot) to return to the Tour site and leave a message of support.

Our sponsors

Date Amount Message/Sponsor
30/03/17 hidden Wendy Paul
30/03/17 hidden Nayan Makan
30/03/17 hidden Mark Wells
30/03/17 hidden Very best wishes Team KPMG! We're proud of you! Kim x
- Kim Jarrett
30/03/17 hidden Ado Wimmers
30/03/17 hidden Carrie Murdoch
29/03/17 hidden Andrew Tubb
29/03/17 hidden Margaret Topkins
29/03/17 $200.00 Matthew Prichard
29/03/17 hidden Ange Wynne
29/03/17 hidden Simon Wilkins
29/03/17 hidden Charles McDonald
29/03/17 hidden Thomas Park
29/03/17 hidden Sandra Kailahi
29/03/17 hidden Chloe Leech
29/03/17 hidden Stanley Shreeve
28/03/17 $930.00 Donations raised from our Pulled Pork Burger lunch at KPMG Wellington.
Thank you all for your contributions.

Good luck team!
- KPMG Wellington

27/03/17 hidden chloe leech
27/03/17 hidden I thought one time would have been enough. Keep pedalling and don't fall off.
- Esther Skinner
26/03/17 hidden Chloe Leech
25/03/17 hidden have a great ride Gwen
- Neil Wanden
25/03/17 hidden Michelle Willetts
24/03/17 hidden ceri horwill
24/03/17 $50.00 Way to go Harry, and enjoy the ride, Gwen!! Awesome effort :o)
- Eva Quarrie
24/03/17 hidden Nerida Cross
24/03/17 hidden Patrick Pethica
24/03/17 hidden Enjoy the ride :)
- Geoff Cheeseright
24/03/17 $100.00 Go Chloe and KPMG! I hope that you enjoy the trip.
- Janine Manning
23/03/17 $50.00 What a great cause, keep it up!!
- Brent Thompson
23/03/17 hidden Great cause, have a great ride
- John Brooky
22/03/17 hidden Great cause! Good luck with the race Gwen and the KPMG team. Rich and Jen Woodcock
22/03/17 hidden Rebecca Goad
22/03/17 hidden Dominique Leech
22/03/17 hidden Sandy Burgham
22/03/17 hidden Melanie Templeton
22/03/17 hidden Doug Cameron
21/03/17 hidden Such a great ride to do - enjoy the 700kms :)
- Judith Livingstone
21/03/17 hidden Go Gwen! Will be a huge 7 days..!!
- Sharon Thompson
21/03/17 hidden Kate Armstrong
21/03/17 hidden Go Gwen, and Harry!
- Martin Currie
21/03/17 hidden Sam Aarons
21/03/17 hidden Stuart McLaren
21/03/17 hidden Rhonda Koroheke
21/03/17 hidden Sharol Taryanto
21/03/17 hidden Jessica Connors
21/03/17 hidden Enjoy travelling the South Island
- Sandra Baird
21/03/17 hidden Good on you Gwen,I'm sure you'll smash it.
- Jen Bhula
21/03/17 hidden Gina Dal Din
21/03/17 hidden All the best for the ride.
- Andrew Stewart
21/03/17 hidden All the best for the ride Gwen!
- Kirsten Patterson (KP)
21/03/17 $100.00 Good luck Gwenan. You helped me so much through our struggle with Isaac getting melanoma and it is great that Harry is nearing the end of Chemo and looking forward to the future too.
- Paul Young
21/03/17 hidden Nicholas Tohill
20/03/17 hidden Corinne Hine
18/03/17 hidden Have a fantastic trip. You and Harry are legends.
- Sarah Owen
18/03/17 hidden Proud of your efforts, Mike ( KPMG Rarotonga )
- Winsome Cross
17/03/17 hidden Elizabeth Morrah
17/03/17 $100.00 Great cause...have an awesome ride Gwen!
- Mark Palmer
17/03/17 $20.00 All the best Gwen and Harry!
- Andrew Borton
16/03/17 hidden Well done Harry!! Go Gwen and team! Karawhiua!!
- Kirikaiahi Mahutariki
16/03/17 $50.00 Go Lajos and the team!
- Vadim Kudabaev
16/03/17 hidden Smash it bro!!
- Warren
16/03/17 $20.00 Good luck old man, still think there are better ways to go out.
- Tama Carr
16/03/17 hidden KPMG Auckland Leech
16/03/17 hidden Marale Du Plessis
16/03/17 hidden Brigitte de Lambert
16/03/17 hidden Nina Manning
15/03/17 $20.00 Have an awesome ride!
- Sarah Murray
15/03/17 $20.00 Go-go Lajos and the whole team!!!
- Timea Nemeth
15/03/17 $50.00 Rock it!
- PhilBill
15/03/17 hidden Frances van derWalt
15/03/17 hidden Ange Penney
15/03/17 $20.00 Good luck with the ride!

- Emma Suttie

15/03/17 $50.00 Good luck!
- Mai-Tal Kennedy
14/03/17 $50.00 Great effort team :)
- Jamie Munro
14/03/17 hidden Gabor Dezs
14/03/17 $40.00 Caz Jackson
14/03/17 $50.00 Susan Humphries
14/03/17 hidden Beth Wall
14/03/17 hidden Jason Hamburger
14/03/17 $750.00 From all the staff at KPMG Raro - we're "wheelie" proud of you Mike - go team KPMG
- KPMG Rarotonga
07/03/17 $20.00 Vipin Bakaya
06/03/17 $100.00 Lets ride hard!
Go Team Go!
- Lajos Csordas
06/03/17 $20.00 Jason Lunjevich
03/03/17 hidden Richard Gibson
03/03/17 hidden Tracy Hodge
01/03/17 hidden So proud of your awesome courage and determination Gwen. No mountain too big.
- Jill Atkinson
01/03/17 hidden Georgia Griffiths
01/03/17 $30.00 Go hard, go safe!
- Camille Tooman
28/02/17 $40.00 Go Gwen and well done Harry!
- Michelle B
28/02/17 $50.00 Sounds like an amazing tour and a great cause! Good luck and have fun!
- Edwina Ma
28/02/17 hidden Charmaine O'Shea

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