8 days of riding through heartland NZ

1st - 8th April 2017

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John Chico - individual

Entry #241

North Island race course selected
Open, North Island "Please help me raise $500 for the Child Cancer Foundation! "

About me

Hello Friends! I need your help. As you may or may not know, I recently completed the Tour of New Zealand, which was much more than a fun ride across the North Island. The main purpose of the Tour of New Zealand is to raise funds for various, selected charities. Due to delays in my Work Visa I was not sure I was going to be able to race so I did not raise any money. I have 2 weeks before they close fundraising for this year and my goal is to raise at least $1/mile in that time; I road 310 miles from April 1 to April 7th. I will match at least 50% of what is raised in these 2 weeks. I need your help! Child Cancer Foundation is a great organization that helps people families of children with cancer. This fund was vital in helping two of my new friends on the Tour. I need you and the children need you! Please donate what you can! Every little bit helps!!!

Chosen charity

Child Cancer Foundation

Every week more than three New Zealand families are told the devastating news that their child has cancer. The Child Cancer Foundation provides practical, financial and emotional support to each child and their family, from that terrible time of diagnosis, throughout treatment and beyond. The support we provide is tailored to help combat the family's day-to-day challenges, allowing them to stay strong and together, and focus on the only thing that matters - their very sick child.

Sponsor this rider

Your sponsorship of John Chico will support Child Cancer Foundation. All donations of $5 or more are tax deductible. All sponsors will be able to leave a message of support.

Please Note: After completing your donation on paypal you may need to click a button (view screenshot) to return to the Tour site and leave a message of support.

My sponsors

Date Amount Message/Sponsor
11/05/17 hidden Sue Green
30/04/17 hidden Liz Johnston
29/04/17 $50.00 Good job bro. Proud of you.
- Eric Chico
29/04/17 hidden Peter Batttersby
28/04/17 hidden Well done, John!
- Vanda Nobre
28/04/17 hidden Dan Gampon
28/04/17 hidden Well done John - amazing effort and a great cause
- Helena Watts
28/04/17 hidden Great job Tio Mooha!!
- The Grammy
28/04/17 $5.00 I don't drink coffee but I do have a new job.
- Karen Fischer
28/04/17 hidden Thank you to all who have donated!
- John Chico
28/04/17 hidden Louise Blyth
27/04/17 hidden Jean Chegwidden
24/04/17 hidden Kerry Durante
21/04/17 hidden Been meaning to donate since last week. Great cause Chico, proud of you!
- Melissa Cruz
20/04/17 hidden Ashley Matthews
20/04/17 $3.00 Sue Martin
20/04/17 hidden Donation by Dave Meuli
- John Chico
19/04/17 hidden Alexandra Mostyn
19/04/17 hidden christina ramirez
19/04/17 hidden Michael Chico
19/04/17 hidden Nick Togas
18/04/17 $20.00 Congrats John! Thanks for helping such a great cause. Go 'Nova!
- Colleen Lee
18/04/17 hidden DAVID LAWRIE
18/04/17 hidden Tahira Sanchez
15/04/17 hidden Jill Wener
14/04/17 hidden EVELYN ESTRADA
14/04/17 hidden Megan Stewart
14/04/17 hidden Saba Yousif

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