8 days of riding through heartland NZ

1st - 8th April 2017

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Team racebook

Mixed teamMixed team

Downer North Island

Team #267

North Island race course selected
Open, North Island5 bikes "Golden Rule "Never push down on both pedals at the same time""

Our team

We are the Downer NZ North Island Cycling Team fundraising for the Heart Foundation.

Below is a small bio of each of our riders:

I'm Jason Sturzaker from Wanganui with 25 years racing experience in road and mountain biking. I'm looking forward to riding the tour and meeting new riders that enjoy the sport as I do.

Coming in as the Clydesdale of the Downer NZ North Island team, Duncan has been mountain biking and road riding, off and on, for 30 years. Based out of Dunedin for a number of years he has had the pleasure of being involved in setting up some of the first chairlift assisted downhill races in NZ (Treble Cone 1996) as well as a number of attempts at the Naseby 12 hour teams event. He is looking forward to “ticking off” a multi day road race in some of New Zealands more unique landscapes.

David: I have always had a bike as long as I can remember, I have cycled where ever possible and have particularly enjoyed mountain biking. Road riding is a new string to my bow, which I am finding a lot more sociable. I am really looking forward to completing the Tour of New Zealand as this we get to see most of the North Island and will be rewarding to finish such a huge challenge.

Dean: I was given my first bike for my 2nd birthday and have had I bike ever since. It is because I enjoy various forms of cycling that I have cycle toured in New Zealand, Europe and Australia, mountain biking in New Zealand (how could you not), South America and Canada and commuted in every city I have lived in. It is also because of this enjoyment that I bought my children their first bikes for their 2nd birthdays.

Scott: I was a spectator at the Taupo Cycle Challenge when my brother rode elite and thought it looked like a bit of fun and have been cycling ever since. I have raced on the road and in mountain bike events the last few years and absolutely love it. I am looking forward to the Tour of New Zealand as a challenge and chance to do something good (raising money for the Heart Foundation) while cycling!

Chosen charity

Heart Foundation

Heart Foundation. Heart Disease is New Zealand's biggest killer. Every 90 minutes someone dies. Every month more than 2000 people are diagnosed. You will know someone affected. As the leading heart health charity, we desperately need your support. If you donate today, we can continue our life-saving work funding vital research, promoting heart healthy lifestyles and advancing cardiac care. Please Donate Now.

Sponsor this team

Your sponsorship of 'Downer North Island' will support Heart Foundation. All donations of $5 or more are tax deductible. All sponsors will be able to leave a message of support.

Please Note: After completing your donation on paypal you may need to click a button (view screenshot) to return to the Tour site and leave a message of support.

Our sponsors

Date Amount Message/Sponsor
20/04/17 hidden Tracy McFadyen
13/04/17 hidden Phil Gaby
10/04/17 $100.00 This donation is from Jason's ride to the Chateau which he donated to the Heart Foundation.
- Anney Collin
09/04/17 $100.00 Nice work Duncan. Looks like it went beyond enjoyable quite frequently but you slogged it out.
- Mark Rodhouse
08/04/17 $10.00 Eliza Sutton
07/04/17 $25.00 Go Duncan..... Onto the South Island next year?
- David & Melissa Perks
07/04/17 hidden Ken Boam
06/04/17 hidden Kartik Yajnanarayan
05/04/17 hidden Here's hoping the sun shows up - well done guys.
- Anthony Coulman
05/04/17 hidden Adam Houldsworth
05/04/17 hidden Whats a little rain eh DK. Great effort. Hopefully the wind is at your back.
- Peter Millar
05/04/17 $150.00 To the other 3 please return Duncan in good condition. We don'twant any whinging stories or how how pulled the team along. May you have a tail wind.
- Ed and Jo
05/04/17 hidden Go Dean and team
- Dale Burtenshaw
04/04/17 hidden TR Group Limited Carpenter
04/04/17 $25.00 Nice DBK
- Darryl Wong
04/04/17 hidden all the best - especially with this weather!
- Marion
03/04/17 $114.00 DK - We'll match Suze & Phoebe. Go hard!
- Hodhops
03/04/17 $25.00 Good for you Duncan!
- Cadge and Jen
03/04/17 hidden Good luck – DK - Hope you find suitable coffee on the Tour of NZ.
- Louise Gibson
03/04/17 hidden J Galloway
03/04/17 hidden hugh milliken
01/04/17 $14.00 Go Dad!
- Caitlin Kenderdine
01/04/17 $100.00 Go Dunky, go! Sending large lungs your way . . .
- Suze Keith
01/04/17 $14.00 Phoebe Kenderdine
01/04/17 $25.00 Great challenge Duncan. I look forward to hearing all about it on your return. Good luck.
- Karen Pullar
01/04/17 hidden Derrick Adams
31/03/17 $150.00 Safe cycling

"You ride, then ride a little more and then a ride again" Mike Hall


30/03/17 hidden Have fun guys
- Travis McGrath
30/03/17 hidden Go team. Am sure it'll be a sweet ride when the 'Clydesdale' has the bit between his teeth! Enjoy
- SteveO
29/03/17 $200.00 Look after your Clydesdale boys ...
- Malpass Family
29/03/17 hidden Mira Amer
28/03/17 hidden Claire Gravatt
28/03/17 hidden All the best and enjoy the ride!
- Peter Martineau
28/03/17 hidden Smash it, Dave and Co
- Baidan Thomas
28/03/17 hidden Lindsay Breen
28/03/17 hidden Jay Courtenay
28/03/17 hidden John Humphrey
28/03/17 hidden Team Heatwave wishes Downer NI best of luck. Top to bottom, downhill all the way, should be a doddle.
- Heatwave
28/03/17 hidden Paula Hunter
28/03/17 hidden Jerry O'Mahony
27/03/17 hidden Brett Ogilvie
27/03/17 hidden Tom Mulhern
27/03/17 hidden Look forward to joining you for a lap - see you in Pahiatua!
- Richard Galloway
27/03/17 hidden Lee Pennock
27/03/17 hidden Peter Roan
27/03/17 $50.00 Trust it goes well. looking forward to the lycra offer.
- russell Obee
24/03/17 hidden Best of luck Dave and team!
- Penny Gibson
24/03/17 hidden Bruce Wilson
24/03/17 hidden Sarah Tod
24/03/17 hidden Kevin Willers
24/03/17 hidden Niamh Bailey
24/03/17 hidden Scott Francis
24/03/17 hidden David Burns
24/03/17 hidden Derek Toner
24/03/17 hidden Graham Dyhrberg
24/03/17 hidden Leroy Johnston
22/03/17 $50.00 David Burns
22/03/17 $20.00 I'll be following you on Strava
- Michael Parker
22/03/17 hidden Paul Arnesen
22/03/17 $20.00 Good luck with the training guys and looking forward to hearing how you get on!
- Oliver Barrett
22/03/17 $20.00 Go Dean! We will follow along with your travels on Strava.
- David Campbell
20/03/17 $20.00 Good luck guys - I'll get training to make the team next year!
- Rangi Woods
14/03/17 $10.00 Good luck Lalini and the rest of the crew!
- Stuart Hume
14/03/17 hidden Good luck guys - you can do it!
- Dan Hart
09/03/17 $50.00 Good luck guys. Hope the wind & rain disappear by the time you start riding!
- Suzanne Greenwood
08/03/17 hidden Jeff Oldman
08/03/17 hidden KIRSTY SLIMMING
08/03/17 $25.00 David Hoffman
08/03/17 $25.00 Good Luck Dave!
- Alicia Tomchuk
08/03/17 hidden steve frogley
06/03/17 $5.00 Scott Francis

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